What is fused glass art?

Fused glass is the heating of two or more pieces of glass in a kiln so that they melt together.  I use two types of fusion - full and tack.  Full fusion is the complete melding of multiple glass pieces into one.  this method is done at very high temperatures.  Tack fusion is a way of heating glass together in a way that retains depth and dimension to individual shapes.  In either method, the kiln is typically heated to between 1292°F (700°C) and 1510°F (820°C).

Where are the products made?

Each piece is designed, cut assembles, fired and packaged in my home studio in Jacksonville, FL.

How are the products made?

Each piece starts as a rectangular piece of glass.  depending on the design, I hand cut every piece that goes into the final product.  Some pieces are embellished with specialty crushed glass (frit), glass rods (murine), or other glass powders and paint.  I also utilize different molds to achieve the final plate or vase design. 

How long does it take to create a piece of glass art?

Time to completion can vary depending on the intricacy of the design.  With some designs, I use a technique called "slumping" in which I bend glass inot or over a mold to create the final product.  This often requires to two fires: 1) a full fusion to meld my original glass piece together, and 2) slump fire to shape the glass.  Each firing can take 12-16 hours. More intricate designs can require three fires: 1) full fusion 2) a contour or tacking firing to embellish the glass canvas, and 3) a slump fire to shape the glass into a final mold.  You can be assured that your glass piece is one of a kind and can take up to 3-5 days to complete when you consider the design time and assembly, firing and cooling. 

Why are their air bubbles in my glass?

Air bubbles are a trait in the type of glass used in fusion.  These are not defects in the design and are unique to each piece. 

How will my items be delivered?

Please refer to the Deliveries and Returns page. 

Can I put my glass in the microwave, oven or freezer?

This is highly discouraged.  Please refer to my Glass Care and Safety page

Do you do custom designs?

Most definitely!  Please click here for more information