I absolutely LOVE my Gingerbread House. What a beautiful design that is handmade with love and such talent! This makes a great gift (I bought for myself thou....) - Tara Jones

"I've never seen anything like the art of Bee and Thistle. I've given several small vases as gifts and they are beloved because each is one of a kind! " - Jocelyn H.

"My platter always makes a statement when I'm serving appetizers. Guests always want to know where it came from." - Megan K

"I can't wait for this year's holiday items. Each year I give an ornament to each of my grandkids." - Lola I. 

The designs of the Christmas ornaments have an elegant classic simplicity. Color, texture, and printed surfaces are used to create new images. One gift recipient responded,”I am thrilled with the ornament to add to my collection. I just love it.” - Bev Breeke Bailey


I chose the yellow bowl as a birthday gift because its color will coordinate well with different china sets and table linens. The bowl will function as a multipurpose server for appetizers, relishes, sweets, and nuts.The artistry of the execution of the bowl in shape and color will enhance the dining experience for guests - Bev Breeke Bailey