Animals Child Giraffe

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The Animals  Child giraffe Crafted with exactness and accurate detail to construct a natural toy that teaches and inspires toddlers and kids; helps instruct children to creatures. From the first sketch to the intricate finishing communications, we see the weight in every detail. The Giraffe Calf from Schleich is carefully organized to inspire safe and ingenious dissemble to play for youngsters as both a single toy or part of a more extensive supply.

The Giraffe Calf is part of the Feral Life supply of figures and playsets from Schleich. Ample for gifting, this figure can stand alone or fit into a larger, modular play world. Schleich playsets and figures inspire kids to play imaginatively: an implied part of fit childhood growth so often forgiven in today’s fast-paced world


  • This solid simulation giraffe toy is a great decoration for your home and a nice gift for your child.
  • It is made of environmentally friendly solid hard plastic material, highly simulated, comfortable to the touch, water-based paint, and natural transition.


  • Material: PVC
  • Cartoon: Schleich
  • Type: Giraffe Model